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Since its establishment in early 1995, the core business of STRUMET Sp. z o.o. has been the manufacture of reusable metal containers for transport and storage. In March 2008, we expanded our portfolio with hot-dip galvanising services by launching the largest hot-dip galvanising plant in the Podbeskidzie region. The range of services was significantly expanded in 2019 and 2020. At present, in addition to hot-dip galvanising, we also offer electroplating, injection moulding, the design and manufacture of injection moulds and casting of polyurethane components.

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How do we work to meet your requirements, which development directions are most important to us? How do we care for the environment and employees? Learn more about STRUMET.

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Competitive advantage



Own office

A modern facility in Strumień


Modern machinery

Modernist workspace


Cooperation with renowned brands

Production for industry leaders

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Over 25 years of market experience

Many years of experience


The largest galvanizing plant in the Beskid region

Over 2000 square meters


Continuous certification

The highest standard of the team

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STRUMET is a place where you can not only buy products helpful in running your business. You can also count on help with the services we provide.