When is it worth using a polyurethane casting?


We manufacture components from polyurethane elastomers using the cold casting method. We have a modern system for careful preparation of the mixture and precise dosing into open moulds. Reliable technology makes it possible to manufacture products of any shape, colour and a wide hardness range. An advantage of the method is the use of simple pouring moulds, many times cheaper than in case of the injection moulding, ensuring cost-effective production even of small series. We cast in moulds provided by the customer, but we can also make suitable moulds of plastic or aluminium.

Why and when is polyurethane casting a good idea?


industrial products and semi-finished products aimed at various industries and sectors


screens for various types of classifiers (high abrasion resistance, noise dampening)


rollers, rings and cushions for vehicles and machinery

Polyurethane materials, their properties and uses

The main advantage of polyurethane components over rubber ones is the simple manufacturing technology. The casting is done at ambient temperature by gravity into simple open moulds made of plastic. There is no need, as there is with rubber, to make an expensive metal mould, and the pressing and heating in the vulcanisation process. All this makes the production of polyurethane elements profitable even for small series or even single pieces.

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