Ocynkownia ogniowa

Hot-dip galvanising plant

Ocynkownia galwaniczna

Electroplating plant

Przetwórstwo tworzyw sztucznych

Processing of plastic

Strumet services

Since its establishment in early 1995, the core business of Strumet has been the manufacture of reusable metal containers for transport and storage. In March 2008, we expanded our portfolio with hot-dip galvanising services by launching the largest hot-dip galvanising plant in Podbeskidzie region. The range of services was significantly expanded in 2019 and 2020. At present, in addition to hot-dip galvanising, we also offer electroplating, injection moulding, the design and manufacture of injection moulds and casting of polyurethane components.

Competitive advantage


Why us?

The key argument is quality which is of paramount importance to us. We make continuous efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We are increasing the range of services we offer and are constantly upgrading our processes using the latest equipment and technologies. More efficient processes not only reduce delivery times and are more cost-effective but are also more environmentally friendly. Strumet’s strength has always been its ability to flexibly adapt to customer expectations. Your requirements are a challenge for us, and we are not afraid to take on even the most difficult ones.

One place – multiple possibilities

We offer not only products. We also provide high quality services. Check it out!


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