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Green product

The transport and storage containers are mainly made of steel, i.e. a material that ensures high durability and is also 100% recyclable. The robust design of the containers and the possibility of stacking, allows efficient use of storage space and transport units, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Our products do not require packaging, so we do not use any packaging materials such as paper, plastic film and wood.

Green service

Our hot-dip galvanising plant, which has been in operation since 2008, applies corrosion protection for more than 22,000 tonnes of steel structures every year. That's enough to build three Eiffel Towers. The zinc coating protects the steel for many decades, avoiding costly and environmentally damaging repeated painting.

Green process


  • The PV installation 1,5 MW, installed on the roofs of the production halls, provides 20% of the electricity demand.

  • Modern laser cutting machines ensure maximum material utilisation and reducing waste to a minimum.

  • Thanks to an in-house treatment plant, process solutions operate in a closed circuit and the plant does not generate industrial wastewater.

  • The hot-dip galvanising plant was fitted with heat recuperation system.

  • The chemical treatment processes in the hot-dip galvanising plant take place in a sealed capsule equipped with an absorber to capture any vapours.

  • Any waste generated at the site is carefully segregated and sent for recycling.

  • The welding shop is equipped with a modern, high-performance filtration system to prevent the emission of dust into the atmosphere.

  • Drinking water from the mains is filtered on site which translates into avoiding production of several tonnes of waste in the form of PET bottles and emissions of several hundred kilograms of CO2 by the water suppliers’ vehicles.

  • The lighting in the production halls is provided using energy-efficient LED lamps.

  • In-house laboratories allow ongoing optimisation with the aim of reduction of raw material consumption and waste.

  • The use of reusable industrial cleaning cloths significantly reduces the amount of generated waste.
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