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Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych STRUMET has been specializing in the design and production of reusable metal containers for transport and storage for over 25 years. Containers are used in various industries as well as in trade, distribution, services and agriculture. The requirements placed on containers by all these users make it difficult to use universal solutions. That is why virtually all containers we produce are designed to meet the individual requirements of a particular customer. The common features of all metal containers are their high durability, the possibility of manipulation with a forklift truck and the possibility of stacking - one on top of the other. When choosing the optimal container, customers can benefit from our many years of experience. We offer a wide range of proven solutions. We are open to every customer. We cooperate with large corporations, family business and service companies, as well as individual customers.

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Advantages of shipping containers



Effective protection

transported products

Saving money

intended for perishable packaging materials

Container recycling

no harm to the environment

The production process of transport containers


The production process begins with material cutting. The next stage is welding the container structures. Depending on customer requirements, we protect the containers or their components from corrosion through powder coating or galvanizing. At the end of production, final assembly takes place, where the container equipment is installed, and labeling is applied.



We have our own design office. In addition to the necessary equipment, it has been equipped with modern software - CATIA V5, Autodesk Inventor, and NX Siemens. The biggest asset of the office is a team of several dozen thoroughly educated engineers who possess extensive knowledge and professional experience.



An important stage of every project is the creation of a container prototype. This is handled by a well-equipped tooling department. Highly skilled employees build product prototypes that serve for project verification and validation, testing under operating conditions, as well as certification research.

Material preparation

The primary material used in the production of containers is semi-finished steel products - sheets, flat and round bars, angles, round and rectangular tubes, etc. The basic cutting, punching, stamping, bending, drilling, and milling operations are performed in the cutting department, equipped with traditional devices such as saws, sheet metal shears, edge and eccentric presses, drills, and milling machines. Parts with complex shapes that require high precision and machining repeatability are produced in the CNC machine department.


CNC machining

Parts with complex shapes that require high accuracy and machining repeatability are produced in the CNC machine department. We have four milling machining centers, a gantry milling machine, a pipe bending station, four automatic lathes, seven laser plotters for sheet metal cutting, including four in fiber technology, three machines for laser cutting of pipes and profiles, as well as two plasma plotters for sheet metal cutting.



The main joining technique is welding, carried out in a traditional welding shop by fifty skilled welders and on robotic welding stations. Welding works are supervised by the Chief Welding Engineer, and their highest quality has been confirmed by the Welding Institute and TÜV NORD.


Surface protection

Our products, depending on customer requirements, can be painted, hot-dip galvanized, or electroplated. We have a manually operated, socketed paint shop for large-scale products and a modern, high-efficiency automated painting line. Powder coating technology ensures durable, high-quality coatings. It is also the most environmentally friendly among all painting techniques. The highest corrosion resistance is provided by the immersion-applied zinc coating for steel structures. Our hot-dip galvanizing facility is one of the largest in the region, capable of zinc-coating structures with maximum dimensions of 10.2 meters in length, 1.4 meters in width, and 2.7 meters in height. Electroplating provides coatings with high aesthetic values, mainly suitable for structures not exposed to atmospheric conditions. We perform coatings in a modern automated electroplating plant, where structures up to 2.8 meters in length, 0.8 meters in width, and 1.8 meters in height can be zinc-coated.

Plastic elements

Common equipment in containers, especially for automotive applications, includes components such as plastic handles. That is why we have established a department dedicated to manufacturing plastic parts using injection molding and polyurethane casting techniques.


The last stage of production is the final assembly of the containers. The work carried out by versatile employees consists in the installation and adjustment of container accessories, such as movable handles and clamps, stacking columns or plastic elements. At this stage, the products are equipped with plates, stickers and information and identification descriptions in accordance with the customer's specification. RFID tags are also often installed, enabling remote reading of information.

Quality control

The entire production process, from receipt of material to release of the finished product, is supervised by the quality control department. The department employs 23 well-educated controllers who, in addition to basic measuring tools, also have at their disposal a measuring laboratory equipped with measuring arms and an optical measuring system.


We have a certificate of Factory Production Control in accordance with the EN 1090 standard and a quality certificate for welding works in accordance with the EN ISO 3834 standard.


We care about environment
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