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Injection molding is primarily used to produce products from thermoplastics (polymers). The input material for production is a polymer in the form of granules. Original or recycled granules are used, mainly for grinding production waste. Granulates can be colored in any way. We cooperate with leading suppliers of granulates, ready to supply any currently known material. The most commonly used are PE, PP, PS, SB, SAN, ABS, PA, TPE, TPU. The production technique consists in plasticizing the material, injecting it into a mold usually equipped with a cooling system, in which the material cools down and solidifies. After opening the mold, the finished product is taken out. Strumet's plastics injection department is equipped with three Tederic injection molding machines. These are modern and highly efficient devices with clamping forces of 130, 350 and 700 tons. The maximum injection weight of the largest machine is almost 3400 g. The operation of injection molding machines is supervised by experienced operators supported by technologists in the field of optimizing the operating parameters of the devices.

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The advantages of plastic injection molding


  1. production of even very complex shapes
  2. extremely fast single element takes only a few seconds
  3. no negative impact on the environment
  4. repeatability of products with identical shapes
  5. high surface quality of products

Injection molding machine - why is it worth using?

Injection molding is the most popular technique for molding plastic parts. Irreplaceable in large-series and mass production. High efficiency combined with a small amount of waste that can be reused determine the efficiency of the process. The low cost of producing a single detail is unattainable for any other techniques. Injection molding allows to produce finished elements and products of high quality and repeatability, which do not require additional processing. The injection technique is also extremely environmentally friendly, as no harmful substances are emitted during the molding process. Plasticization of the material takes place by heating the granulate with electric heaters, which we partially supply with energy from our own photovoltaic installation.

We care about environment
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