• Polyurethane casting

We make elements from polyurethane elastomers using the cold casting method. We have a modern installation for careful preparation of the mixture and precise dosing into open moulds. Reliable technology allows the production of products of any shape, color and a wide range of hardness. The advantage of the method used is the use of simple potting molds, many times cheaper than in the case of injection molding, ensuring profitability of production even for small series. We cast in molds provided by the customer, but we can also make appropriate molds from plastic or aluminum.


Polyurethanes are polymer materials that have recently gained more and more popularity. They are a great alternative to rubber. They perfectly dampen vibrations and have high resistance to abrasion and tearing as well as resistance to greases, oils and UV radiation. The temperature resistance of the manufactured elements ranges from -30 to 80 oC, and the hardness from 30 to 90 oShA. Widely used in many industries. Polyurethanes are used, among others, for car suspension elements, parts of industrial and construction machines exposed to abrasion, or screen screens. In our production, we use polyurethane elements in transport containers as protection against damage to delicate car parts.

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When to use the foundry?

The main advantage of polyurethane elements over rubber elements is the uncomplicated manufacturing technique. Casting takes place at ambient temperature, by gravity into simple open molds made of plastic.


No need to make expensive metal moulds, press and heat to vulcanize as with rubber. All this makes the production of polyurethane elements profitable even for small series or even single pieces.

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