• Airbag containers

Containers for hazardous materials such as airbags or pyrotechnic seatbelt pre-tensioners fall into the category of combination packaging. They consist of an outer package - a solid steel pallet box and an inner package, which can be made of various materials. These can be vacuum-extruded trays made of such materials as ABS, PE or PP or shapes made of foamed polymer – most often EPP. The inner packaging is designed to separate and protect the modules of pillows, often combined with delicate elements of the car's interior, e.g. a steering wheel pillow. In turn, the outer packaging allows the whole to be transported with forklifts and stacked. It also protects against crushing of the contents in the event of an accident and protects against the ejection of exploding contents during a fire.


As a manufacturer of containers for hazardous materials, Strumet is supervised by the Packaging Research Institute - COBRO, with whom we have signed a contract. We also employ a certified safety advisor in the transport of dangerous goods (DGSA).

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Airbag containers - certification



expert opinions on ADR requirements
positive test results confirmed by a certificate
assigning a UN number to the container
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