• Gitterbox mesh containers

The first container produced by Strumet was the UIC (Ger. Gitterbox) mesh pallet, compliant with UIC 435-3 and DIN 15155 standards. Universal, durable and lightweight container with high load capacity. Willingly used by various industries also due to its interchangeability. The container is still in our offer. Despite its universality, it was not always optimal for all recipients, which is why many derivative structures with reduced height, floors and walls lined with sheet metal or mesh with finer mesh, and folded versions were created on its basis, allowing you to save on transporting empty containers.


Strumet is happy to design each mesh container. Regardless of whether it is to be rigid or foldable. The dimensions of the containers can be any. We will adapt the construction to the required load capacity so that the container is durable and at the same time as light as possible. We mainly use welded meshes with a mesh size of 50 x 50 mm, but they can also be woven meshes, and the mesh size is any, from 15 mm upwards. Containers can be powder coated or hot-dip galvanized or galvanized.

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Use of gitterbox mesh containers


The main advantage of steel containers, including gitterbox mesh baskets, is primarily the possibility of stacking. Thanks to this, we can effectively use the space of warehouses and transport units.



transport of semi-finished products as well as storage and delivery of finished products
transport of agricultural products
warehousing and picking supplies
transport of linen and towels to the laundry room
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