• Sheet metal containers

Tinned containers, i.e. with full walls made of sheet metal, are used to transport small details or loose materials. They can be made in any size, both in a rigid and foldable version. Equipped with hinged or removable flaps, partitions or covers, and equipped with lifting eyes. We also offer tight welded versions. . During a quarter of a century of activity, we have produced thousands of sheet metal containers that successfully serve customers throughout Europe.

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Tinned containers - advantages



made of the highest quality steel profiles and sheets
manufactured from materials of appropriate thickness
one container on top of another
emptying without turntables


Sheet metal containers are mainly used in heavy industry to transport castings, forgings, screws and other metal products. Tightly welded versions are used to transport oily chips. Sheet metal containers are used to transport scrap metal and various types of waste. They are also used in warehouses, craft workshops, service companies and construction sites.

Why is it worth it?

Although the purchase price of a metal container is higher than the prices of containers made of alternative materials - cardboard or wood, taking into account their definitely higher durability, they may turn out to be a much more favorable solution. The investment will pay off during many years of trouble-free operation, and thanks to metal containers, we will reduce the amount of waste from perishable packaging materials, and we will also protect many trees. The use of metal containers also means less damage to transport and stored products.  Metal containers will reduce transport costs because they can be safely stacked and transport units used efficiently. After many years of use, can be recycled without harming the environmenta, and a significant part of the funds can be recovered from the sale of scrap - a valuable raw material for steelworks.

We care about environment
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