• Special transport trolleys

Transport trolleys are an underrated support for production lines, warehouses and distribution networks. They are mostly simple structures consisting of a loading platform or container and permanently attached wheels or wheelsets. They can also be more complex structures, adapted to be towed by autonomous vehicles, equipped with torsion axles, braking systems, roller bars or adapted to cooperate with robots. Whether simple or complex, forklifts must meet user expectations and be reliable. The Strumet plant has extensive experience in the production of transport trolleys. Having our own design office and a comprehensively equipped production department, we can design and manufacture any wheelchair according to customer requirements.

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What do we make transport trolleys from?



steel welded frame
made of the highest quality sections
properly selected wheels
of well-known manufacturers, e.g. Blickle, Tente and Vicke
additional equipment
incl. rolling rollers, roller strips, coupling systems
We care about environment
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